Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stardoll's new competition !

Stardoll has just released a new competition as called the party planner ! new every time you host a party and every time someone comes they might just rate your party, if you get enough votes from the medoll's who come you get that fantastic trophy above ! so get busy and start planning a great party and you might just win it ! but remember to win you must invite lots of medoll's so you can get lots of votes ! Enjoy

Winners ! - the link to see the previous winners !

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Miss stardoll world winner !

The Miss Stardoll World winner has been announced please make the winner congratulated miss perilice2 ! a huge congratulations to her ! she has amazed stardoll with her fashion style ! check out her suit and how more effort she has put in ! Congratulations once again

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Your stardoll calendar !

Sign in everyday and everyday go to the holiday calendar, during the Christmas month you will get a present of choice that you can buy if you want to, but don't forget to sign in and get your present because after a couple of days you can't get the presents from the previous days, and some things are for free ! so sign in everyday and collect your clothes, shoes and presents ! to also get to the christmas calendar, click on the link below ! enjoy ;)

pick of the days !

Keep up with the hottest things out on pick of the day ! what happens is, the most popular item brought gets advertised in the section spotlight, then after you've clicked on that scroll down and you will see a box saying pick of the day, and there you are ready to get all the newest things ! The link to stardoll is below to see pick of the day !

Whats stardoll royalty ?

As i have recently seen people have been asking, "whats that blue diamond next to your name?" well everyone, that diamond means they are part of the stardoll royalty club or known as the elite squad, well how do you become a stardoll royalty ? to of been a superstar more than one year and to of had put lots of effort of making stardoll a fantastic virtual website, so if you want to be part of the elite squad get your superstar memership going ! click on the link below to go to clubs, and search stardoll royalty !

Your new superstar christmas deal waiting for you !

Get your new superstar christmas deal, 6 month refill, and get 6 new presents with free clothes just for $17 ! just log in go to add and monthly subscription and the first box ! if your doing text though, you need to do it until it gets to $17 and then you'll have a superstar account ! and to make it even better, log in every day and get a new present from stardoll admin for free, so make sure you log in to get your present ! click the link below to extend your superstar membership and get this months christmas deal !

Stardoll's Italian Mafia

No need to worry everyone ! You can only be hacked if you give out personal information such as email address's, facebook accounts ect, passwords or anything like that, so i suggest if your so concerned, lock your rooms, don't accept friend requests, be careful who you interact with, don't give out any personal information and you should be fine !

New winter dot collection !

Come get your new winter dot collection at starbazzar now ! icy cold white make-up thats looks amazing on your medoll's ! and for cheap prices as well, get ready for soon to be the most popular make-up collection on stardoll for a long time ! so get part of the group and go buy yourself some dot winter collection make-up ! click the link below to go to stardollplaza and go to dot !

National Covergirl !

National Covergirl is just like normal covergirl, but this time you can run for your country ! when you win you get that trophy above, this is how its works, national covergirl will get viewed on the front page, but normal covergirl will still go on, a new national covergirl will get announced each day, and we will see which country has the best style ! click the link below to see the national covergirl winners !

Stardoll's newest jewerly collection !

Stardoll's newest jewelry store, elegant, fashionable and stylish ! all diamond and looking great, stardoll's incomparable and unique gemstones right here for you ! make your medoll gorgeous and get your gemstones right here ! click the link below to go to stardollplaza and get some new gorgeous epiphany gemstones !

Sneak peek !

Your stardoll sneak peek is right here ! Welcome to the new stardoll offical blog, follow and you will get all the newest information about stardoll shops and goss right here ! click the link below to go to stardoll and make yourself a account if you don't already have one !